Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello again

I havent blogged in a while, and im not going to say im going to start again, because i wont. but i felt that i should for whatever reason.
Encase you didnt know (facts)
- My parents just got back from vegas, meanwhile i was at sawyers for the weekend (epic). I also obtained 2 new shirts from their trip, cole got a magic tric (hes pretty good haha) and my sisters, juicy sandals
-Our swim season is almost over and i swim the 500 (my best time for it is 5:43), the 4x50 relay, the 200 medley relay (free) and the 4x100 relay. and i love swim, call me wierd but i do.
-Im working on finishing the year with a 4.0 GPA. i worked really hard to do it
-ive found myself wanting to go to Africa. weve watched several video's such as The Power of One and Hotel Rwanda and i feel i need to help in some way. greater than buying the special water at starbucks.
-im getting tan again (i have proof because im tanning MV into my back with zinc and its working)
-My crew is still staying sweet and getting sweeter
-I have had some pretty good "yeeah right" moments

thats about it for now.

Monday, February 25, 2008


just encase you didnt get my myspace assaults......

theres a comedy sports match on friday. not to sure about the details becuase there was just a little reference on the announcements. I would like for alot of people to go, so far i have just a few. just say "aye" if you want to go.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My expieriences with misson:

havent really talked about them so i thought id put them out there

Daniel Short came into my life via i dont know and so did Ian. We have had wierd expieriences.
1st off...the ever famous Tit Face and his crew (they're pretty sweet).
Firsty off the reason he is called tit face is because he is constantly burried in his girlfriends breasts. but thats not all they do. they slap butts and also vigorously dry hump...(I know right?)
He is potentially a Cromagnon, becuse of the extended brow, small cranium and large stature (the largeness throws us off). His crew of bikers are pretty B.A. considering they jump the 5 stair every day on their bikes, Daniel and i as witnesses. They also watch Tit Face and his girlfriend in their various...activities, VERY INTENTLY... really REALLY wierd. There is also El Burro, T.F's trusty bikechain wearing companion. Also, there is Toast... my stalker. she watches me alot. aks me out to lunch and stuff...SUPER AWKWARD. Brett's date to winter formal who expects to be asked out, i think because she paid for him...bad idea. what else.... waterpolo club team is alot of fun, accept tuesdays and thursdays. Just thought i should put that stuff out there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007